Friday, March 23, 2012

Sometimes 'The Hunger Games' significantly decreases my chances of getting a boyfriend

After Bible study at a friend's house this week, I decided to be sociable and chat with acquaintances afterwards.

Mostly the conversation revolved around the fact that John Elway has ruined every single female Denverite's chances of ever marrying Tim Tebow by bringing in Peyton Manning. (Ok, I didn't actually say that out loud, but all the ladies were thinking it.)

Then, suddenly, as I was still discussing the stupidity of the once-revered Mr. Elway, I heard the question, "So, who's going to see The Hunger Games this weekend?"

I should have responded, "Oh, I think I will if I can fit it into, my busy, serious, young-professional schedule."

And then should have continued, "You know, I was quite skeptical of the series (as I am with all the rabble-chosen NY Times Bestsellers) but after my well-read sister purchased me a copy, I was pleasantly surprised with both the suspense and depth with which Ms. Collins writes. I'm interested in seeing how Hollywood will interpret such a work."

Instead, I abruptly stopped the conversation I was having with the girl next to me to respond to the girl across the room by shooting up and throwing my hand in the air and yelling, "I AM! I AM SO EXCITED!"

Clearly my peers, did not share my enthusiasm.

After assaulting the entire group with a full exposure of my undeniable dorkiness, the girl who posed the question politely responded that she too was excited and so was the group of high school youth group attendees that she had to chaperon.

Hunky Boy, although across the room chatting with the babe he brought with him, unfortunately witnessed the whole deplorable event.

The odds were so not in my favor.

P.S. To make matters worse, the babe with Hunky Boy asked, "Did you like Twilight and Harry Potter too?"

I was aghast at such a suggestion, but all I could reply was, "No, I refused to read Twilight and I never finished even the first Harry Potter because I thought he was too whiny."

I wanted to go into a full dialogue about my obsession with Russian and Eastern European literature, but I could tell I had already been labeled in her mind as The Type of Girl Who Reads Juvenile Fiction and Then Sees the Movies.

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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA! If being that type of girl is wrong, then I don't wanna be right...

    ps HP and Twilight sooooo do not equal Hunger Games. Satanic pop lit is a whole nother world apart from the dystopian post apocalyptic survival genre.