Thursday, April 12, 2012

He is Risen!

Alright, so thanks to an oversight in my auto-posting, I look like a heathen because I haven't talked about the most amazing thing to ever happen on God's green earth (and the universe, for that matter): God became man, was beaten and tortured to death by the very people he came to redeem, was sealed in a tomb, descended into hell and then -- wait for it -- He rose from the dead!

(Thankfully, it's still Easter, so I don't look like a total pagan)

Here are a few awesome things that happened to me this Easter (in no particular order):

1. I went to Virginia and visited my sister Lizzie and her lovely family and got to meet my cutie nephew Charlie and hang out with Mikey, the biggest, baddest 2 & 1/2 year old on the block.

2. I got the 12 hour stomach flu and almost passed out during Mass and had to take refuge in the minivan before communion (this is sarcasm, it was not awesome to be sick and not receive the Eucharist on Easter).

3. A very dear friend of mine who has been going through a rough time decided to make some major changes in her life (most of which were/ will be enacted during during Holy Week, Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday annnd the feast of her patron, St. Bernadette. Coincidence? I think not- listen up, kiddos: prayer works).

4. My awesome friends Emily and Emily have been dedicated to celebrating Easter every day this week which has resulted in two nights of me not having to make dinner for myself. And getting to hang out with them!

5. I realized that even though we can be apart for months at a time, I am still a younger sister and act like one (just ask Lizzie why she got pegged in the forehead with a graham cracker).

6. I was introduced to some baby goats by the precocious 7-year-old next door neighbor.

7. I intentionally left my Easter candy in VA because I know I have no shred of self control when it comes to Reese's cups, but immediately regretted the decision as soon as I got back to my apartment and found it chocolate-less.

8. The girl on the plane next to me was reading Catching Fire while I was reading Mockingjay. Even though she didn't say hello back to me when she first sat down, I know we could definitely be friends some day.

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